RED Trucking is poised to ensure a safe passage for the invaluable cargo of its passengers. We put ‘safety first’ and everything including our drivers, delivery personnel, motoring traffic and the cargo we carry comes under our safety net.

In the transportation business, drivers are the key and we ensure that their performance always remains well above the standards. For this purpose several workshops, safety meetings, drills and scenarios are conducted regularly. A definitive and serious set of guidelines and protocols is also laid out to ensure that there is minimum deviation from plans. We ensure that all the safety compliances and quality control measures are strictly followed from the beginning to the end of the route.

Our outlook towards safety, extensive training, modern equipment and use of technology like Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) makes it easier to track and monitor the drivers. We monitor driver’s schedules, their habits, administer them regular drug tests and constantly go over their performances and driving records. Our promise to make time bound and undamaged delivery of clients’ cargo involves that we audit and inspect driver’s logs periodically.

It goes without saying that backgrounds of all drivers are checked before hiring them. The vehicles are also throughly checked before each journey and we ensure that the vehicles are in pristine condition to aviod any unforeseen accidents.


Upgrading the Transportation Industry